Finding Eden on Hog Eye Road

I hadn’t realized this plan was coming together already. I live on the other side of FM973. Would love to visit this community.

Stories in the Street

I’ve posted about growing tomatoes and hoping toadopt a baby girl from Honduras, and not adopting a baby girl from Honduras. I’ve posted Rebeka’s story from Rwanda to Austin and back again, about the unfurling of her feet and her personality. Lately I’ve encountered some amazing people, and I thought I’d share some of their stories here.

When I volunteered to drive on a field trip for Nate’s class, I was unclear what exactly we’d be doing, something about geometry and building a gazebo. We drove way out past the airport, curled around the east side of town, and turned on Hog Eye Road. Where were we going again? Something about Mobile Loaves and Fishes, but wasn’t that the organization that drove trucks around town, giving food and clothing to the homeless?  We turned at the entrance, where little wooden birdhouses were attached to the fence, then drove down…

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